Friday, September 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

Welcome to my very first tutorial.  This is step-by-step instructions on how to make a Christmas Tree Ornament.



1/4 yard of two different (coordinating) fabrics
1 package of pompoms-.25"
#5 thread for sewing on pom  poms
1 button cover kit-3/4" size
Optional - fabric for buttons (coordinating color)

1.  Buy 2 coordinating fabrics.  I just chose something simple.

2.  If you have some vinyl sheets, you can make a diamond template to use to make cutting your fabric easier.  My template measures 3.5" x 1.5".  If you want to make it bigger or smaller, it's up to you.  Cut 4 diamonds out of both fabrics.

3.  Sew 2 of the diamonds together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

4.  After sewing 2 pieces together, this is what it should look like.

5.  Continue sewing until you have 4 sewn together.  
     Then repeat steps 3 - 5.

6.  You should have 2 halves ready to be sewn together.

7.  Press all pieces flat.

8.  After you sew the halves together, make sure to leave a 2" gap so that you can turn your project right side out and stuff it with poly fil.  You will only need to do this for one of the sides.  The other side can be sewn all the way across leaving no gap.

9.  Now you are ready to sew the front and the back pieces together.  Put the RIGHT sides together.  Sew all the outer edges together using a 1/4" seam allowance.  It's ok if it doesn't come out perfect.  Mine was off here and there.  After it is stuffed, you'll never know.

10.  Clip the tips/points of the stars so they are sharp after turning the project right side out.

11.  Gently clip the inside corners of the stars making sure not to cut your seam.

12.  Turn the project right side out using a blunt object.  I used my scissors.

13.  Now stuff it with poly fil.  I used my scissors again to help push the fil into the points.

14.  Using a needle and thread, close up the gap.

15.  Follow the instructions on the button cover kit and make 2 buttons.  I used a third coordinating fabric for the button covers. A third fabric is optional.

16.  After sewing your 2 buttons on, get your pom poms and thread and large needle ready to sew on pom poms.  Make sure your needle is big enough to accommodate #5 thread.

17.  All Finished!  You can choose any tip to hang it from.  I would just use one of those wire ornament hangers.

I hope you have had a good time making this project!  Please leave me a comment to let me know how this project went for you.  Until next time....Happy Crafting!


  1. That is so cute!! Mine would look like a 5 yr old did it, even with the tutorial. You are so talented D!