Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Week Check-Up!

Today has been a great day! We started today out by having breakfast at a neat little diner in Vacaville called Black Bear Diner. Later that day we took Ethan for his 2 week check-up at the Air Force hospital in Fairfield. The doctor seemed impressed with Ethan's alertness and his strength.
I really enjoyed being able to go the appointment too. I feel like I'm going to miss so many things in the beginning of this little guy's life. So the few things that I'm getting to do now really mean so much to me. I better change the subject before I get all teary eyed. I also got to witness Ethan taking his bath this evening. He seemed to really enjoy it. From what I hear, he usually fusses a little bit. I got to cuddle with him afterward. :-)
I love this little guy so much! My heart ♥ is so full and blessed!

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