Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BIG Bathroom Remodel Reveal


I'm in love with my new bathroom!  I'm more in love with my husband for making this possible.  What a talented man I have!  
I don't tell him enough of what great talent he has.

I wanted to re-use my old shower curtain, but I wanted to make it look new.  So I decided to cut off a section and add a band of plum and a ruffle (I've never done a ruffle until now, btw).  I chose this deep plum as my contrasting color.  It was one of the colors in the shower curtain.  I didn't want to do maroon because I already have so much of that color through out the house.  In the pic below it looks like a lighter purple, but because of lighting and a not so good camera, it should be a darker purple.

This mirror was just a construction grade mirror.  Now it looks so good!

We already had these lights and decided to keep them.

Nice tile job on the front of the tub too!

In the picture below is a more true color to what the rugs look like.

We bought this jetted tub from an individual from an ad on  He had intended to use it for his own bathroom remodel and ended up not having room for it.  I saw the ad and off we went to go look at it.  Keep in mind that we weren't even close to starting this remodeling project yet.  We bought it and stored it in the garage for several months.

I asked my husband if it would be hard to put this little band of glass tile in the tub/shower area.  Of course he said that it would be great.

We did hire a plumber to move the drain and to help with the install of the new faucets.  Our old tub was a little bit smaller and more narrow.

I will do another post later when I complete the custom towels.

We didn't do anything to the counter or the cabinets.  The people that we bought the house from had already done this.

We hung this ceiling fan last spring.  Also, the ceiling used to have popcorn.  
Bye bye popcorn!  
Hello clean smooth ceiling!

This is a picture of me (sorry for the poor quality-taken with a phone camera) hanging frosted tint on the window.  It used to have mini blinds there and I just wasn't really feeling it anymore.  I'm not sure how this is going to work out either, but for now it looks fine.

It makes me feel so happy when I go into this bathroom now.  This is the guest bathroom, but it's also the one I use all the time to do hair and make-up.
Click here to view the BEFORE pictures!

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  1. Trevor says his bathroom looks great and he can't wait to use it. :)
    I love this! Daddy you did a great job!

  2. wow this is beyond fabulous, luv the way you frame the mirror, did you get it mitered when you purchased it?
    Would luv for my readers to follow this, inviting you to link at

  3. This looks great!! I love your tile choice!! Can I ask where you got it?

  4. All tile was purchased at Lowes.