Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Blogger Here

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Diane.  I'm a new grandmother (prefer to be called Mimi), mother, wife, church secretary, crafter, designer of purses.  After "following" other bloggers, I decided to start one of my own too.  I'm not totally sure if I'm cut out for this.  So here we go anyway!

Recently I bought a new sewing machine.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say what brand, so I won't mention it today.  It not only sews, it embroiders too.  Getting a new machine has opened up a whole new world of sewing for me.  Sure, I've sewn for many years off and on.  More off than on.  I used to design and sew my own purses many years ago.  My very first purse was made out of a place mat.  Yes, the kind you eat off of!  Even though it was so simple, I was thrilled to see that I had made a purse.  I was off and running.  My friends loved them!  They were asking for specific colors and themes.  I was all too excited to tackle every request.  I started a fabric collection during this time also.  I shopped at the local fabric stores and I would seek out fabric shops when I went on vacation.  To this day, I love to shop for fabric!  I really can't remember what caused me to stop making purses back then.

Since I received news that I was going to be a Mimi, my world has been turned upside down with excitement and renewed hope.  Excitement in a new life to be a part of and love.  And renewed hope that love is everything!

Ok, back to sewing I signed-up for a quilting class.  I was really excited about this class.  First, I would get to learn a new craft.  Second, I would get to hang out with some old friends and make some new friends.  Off to class I would go lugging my old sewing machine right a long. My machine was a little embarrassing, but worked.  I also began making burp cloths & bibs as gifts for baby showers and my new grandson.  I started doing this with my old sewing machine.  It started giving me fits.  So then I decided I just had to have a new machine.  After much research and shopping locally and online, I found the "perfect" machine!  I am so happy with my purchase.  It's like I went from driving a Pinto to driving a Cadillac.

I started posting pictures online on a social network and was getting a lot of attention and comments of my recent creations.  A friend that used to buy my purses a long time ago asked  me if I still made purses.  I told her "no, that I haven't made any in quite some time. What do you have in mind?"  Well, that's all it took to get my mind to rolling!  I've been sewing like a mad woman ever since.

I hope you have enjoyed my very first blog!  I will write some more later about my experiences and just stuff!
I hope to hear from you and hear some of your experiences with sewing, grandchildren, cooking, crafting, or just whatever!

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